We believe that the passion for nature can be transformed into an organic project and equipped with central idea and we are convinced that there is an increasing need for green spaces to protect the value of the landscape, the health and quality of life.

Vivai Maeggio offers high quality services covering all aspects of park maintenance, design and maintenance of the landscape. The many different needs and requirements of each of our clients, we have given over the years the possibility of increasing technical experience both in the maintenance of large areas, or in small personalized interventions, leading us to be competitive without losing our passion for gardening and our love for plants.
Our work starts from the needs and expectations of the client, with the goal then, a joint planning that will also be an opportunity for deepening useful for the customer; we gladly offer our knowledge because their needs and aesthetic preferences are consistent with the actual technical feasibility of creating a harmonious green, which respects the characteristics of the new plants that you want to insert.
To create a functional and pleasant we consult our experts, landscape architects and agronomists who perform necessary tests also Phytopathological on individual plants.