Interpret the dreams of customers is our first prerogative.

Vivai Maeggio has a gained experience in gardening, offering a wide range of services for the design, creation and maintenance of gardens, parks and green areas. Each green area represents a challenge to achieve, with professionalism, competence and accuracy, parks original, harmonious and customized to the needs of each customer. Each creation is tied doubly to a design punctual, considering not only the size of the area but also exposure to the sun, the light intensity daily, the amount of seasonal rains and the type of soil and consequently identifying the right solution. Only in this way is it possible to choose the appropriate plants, which grow healthy and lush. In the case of urban public parks the project will take into account not only the needs of the citizens but also those of the local administration in terms of maintenance and cost, compared with a park whose aesthetic features will last a long time. The goal is to create a space that allows people to regenerate and improve their physical and psychological wellbeing. In the creation of a park, the choice of plants and tree species is of paramount importance and you must place taking into account the personal tastes of the client but also the weather. We take care of the choice of plants, perennials, evergreen or aromatic, hedges and numerous varieties of flowers, to create colorful and fragrant flower beds