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Vivai Maeggio

The Company Azienda Agricola Vivai Maeggio Ltd., created in Syracuse by industry experts with more passion for the land, produces and sells plants, standing out in particular for the production of grass, date palm trees and Mediterranean plants, being the place of production of the better suited to take advantage of the weather and environmental conditions in favor of these types of plants. The element that sets the company apart is the ability to meet, with professionalism, speed and mastery of the individual characteristics of the different types of plants, the demands and needs of the customer minimizing environmental impacts arising from the system produttivo.La surface company’s production consists of more than five hectares, of which 23,500 square meters covered by greenhouses; located in c.da Maeggio, strategic location in terms of logistics and marketing, as close to the hippodrome of the Mediterranean, and the exit Cassibile highway Siracusa-Gela. An assortment of fruit trees, aromatic, ornamental outdoor, lawn, cycads, erbarie annual and perennial, bearing in undergrowth, deciduous, olive trees, plants for borders and hedges, vines, tropical, date palm trees of various kinds, are of Nurseries Maeggio company able to offer quality products adapted, with excellent quality / price ratio, both for the needs of public authorities and businesses (hotels, shopping malls, bars, restaurants and events) for both of those individuals. Another area where stands the company is the design and realization of gardens and green spaces, thanks to its team of professionals and specialists with experience and qualified staff who together take care of every aspect and feature, also of irrigation systems also automated .

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